Stacy and I got to talking about Santana being totally unfazed by her new roommates, and also Kurt being well hung, and then this all happened.

Among all the chaos that Santana’s arrival caused, the worst had to be the interruption to Kurt’s bathroom schedule. Brody, obnoxious as he could be, was a mere speed bump on the roommate road that Kurt and Rachel had smoothly paved. He usually showered after a morning at the gym, and, after a few gentle comments, remembered the air freshener when he used their bathroom for certain other tasks.

(All right, Kurt had stood behind the couch and pressed down on the dispenser until both Brody and Rachel fled the loft, coughing, but his point was made.)

Beyond that, their typical mornings had been simple:

6:30 AM: End his shower, plug in Rachel’s hot rollers.
6:35 AM: Finish an initial round of blow-drying his hair while bent half-over. Stand up. Feel the blood return to his feet. Vacate the bathroom and start breakfast.
6:45 AM: Hand Rachel, fully decked out in hot rollers, her breakfast as the two of them chat about the day to come.
6:57 AM: Return to the bathroom and attack his hair with six types of product to maintain the volume that upside-down drying had given it.
7:10 AM: Choose an outfit as Rachel starts the next stage of styling her hair.
7:45 AM: Realize that the eternal debate between ‘personal style’ versus ‘locational appropriateness’ balanced with ‘seasonal trends’ has gone on for more than half an hour, again, and yell for Rachel to hurry up with her hair. (She has so much hair.) Pull on outfit number one or two. Hang up outfits three, four, and five. Neatly.
7:50 AM: Tell Rachel yet again that if she’s not in her latest black outfit in ONE MINUTE, that he is leaving without her.
7:54 AM: He means it!
7:59 AM: Kurt and Rachel, out the door and ready to tackle the world!

See? Easy.

And then: Santana Lopez.

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gryffindor girls kissing slytherin girls 

gryffindor girls taking slytherin girls on adventures into the forbidden forest and getting them into situations where the slytherin cunning kicks in and gets them out alive

gryffindor girls defending their slytherin girlfriends w/ all their heart 

Oblivious Hufflepuff girls being romanced by Slytherin girls tho

Ravenclaw girls using their witty charm to seduce all the other girls.


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My friend lebanesetoaster took this picture of herself and posted this note on Twitter:


"So wielding an ax is kind of awesome, just saying. @jerzeyredhead I felt like I was living Heartwood, it was amazing”

I love getting these stories and pictures of people creating their own Heartwood experience. There’s something powerful and freeing when you do hard work. When your body and mind join to swing an axe, or run a mile or climb a tree. It’s a sense of physical empowerment, coming from an ancient task.

Love love love this picture Heather!

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Michelle Rodriguez laying down truths

That third gif also sums up the reason why so many queer women in fiction get treated like shit and why we barely get acknowledged as existing at all

These pathetic excuses for writers have no idea how to write a woman who doesn’t want to fuck a man

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