do you know this feeling when you find a fanfic that is really good and the author posts their tumblr url and you follow them and then a miracle happens and they follow you back and everytime they reblog something from you you are in total fangirl mode because you see them secretly as celebrities because their fics are so darn perfect?

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HNITS One-Shot: Holy Thursday Redux


And this year, when Hannah presses her naked body to Baker’s naked body, Baker kisses her and whispers that she loves her. 

Hannah x Baker. ~2.5k words. 

Takes place in the spring of 2013, a year after the events of Her Name in the Sky.

They acknowledge it without acknowledging it. Baker brings it up one night in mid-February, during their goodnight phone call.

"What do you want to do for Easter?" she asks, her voice suddenly higher than normal.

The question surprises Hannah. “Oh—I don’t know,” she says, falling back into her desk chair. “Why, what were you thinking?”

"I don’t have class on Good Friday," Baker says tentatively. "I was thinking maybe I’d fly to Atlanta that Thursday night?"

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Karma and I aren’t faking being lesbians

Karma is

I’m not so sure

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