I just like how they hold their bags okay.

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  • Santana:
    I just want to be able to kiss my girlfriend.
  • Santana:
    My girlfriend. Not my girl that's a friend, but my girlfriend girlfriend.
  • Santana:
    Brittany will always be my girlfriend.
  • Santana:
    I'm gonna go to my last prom and dance with my girlfriend.

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a guide to brittana (insp.)
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Candyman - The Troubletones

#sorrynotsorry, they are way better than the unholy trinity

they are way better than the unholy trinity. unholy trinity isn’t even in the same division. they’re high school and these are professionals as far as i’m concerned.

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Little Pool of Heaven (Brittana)


Santana and Brittany’s first night alone on their mall tour with Mercedes.


You hate this place. You hate the ungodly temperature of the Southwest, you hate the tour bus, you hate the tour manager, and most of all you hate how little time you actually get to spend alone with Brittany. You were as excited as anyone to get out and see the Great Big USA, but after living in New York, nothing impresses you except how content people are in their sad little Hicksville towns.

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gaygleegirls asked

So the song Blame it On the Rain by He is We came up on my itunes as I was re-reading the last few chapters of hte you're just another song and dance series, and I don't know if you've heard it? But I just think it's super perfect for kind of how Rachel's been feeling lately. Also your story is like my favorite regularly updating fic right now (:


Whenever I first look up a recommended song, I like to follow along with the lyrics, and let me tell you, this song this fucking perfect (excuse my French). It really just expresses everything Rachel’s feeling, especially in regard to the other women in Santana’s life.

I’m so glad this series is one of your favorites at the moment, and thank you for another addition to the you’re just another song and dance playlist :).